Bingo Basic Rules

Bingo is a pretty simple game to understand and most people have played it for money or just for fun in there kindergarden classes.. The way to win is the same in most places in the united states. Bingo is played in places called bingo halls.

The basic rules for the game are very easy to follow. First lets go over the apperance of the card. Everyone gets a card. In some places they allow you have multiple bingo cards. Every card is different and is bought by the halls by the manufactureres in large quantities upward from 6000. Each card has the word bingo written across the top of it. Under each letter there is a column of numbers. The card is pretty much a grid of 5 boxes across and 5 boxes down (5×5). Each letter has a different number set below it. The letter “B” has can only have numbers from 1-15, the letter “I” will only have the number set 16-30, the letter “N” will only have the number set 31-45, the letter “G” will only have numbers from the number set 46-60, and the final letter “O” will only have numbers from 61-75. The final characteristic of every bingo card is the free spot in the center.

Now that we all know what the card looks like lets get into the gameplay. The letters B, I, N , G, O are on the top of the board and they will each with a number below them. The way to win varies from place to place. What you have to do is create a pattern on the board to match what what is needed in the specific hall. Many people are familiar with the common line across and line down pattern. Check out the patterns, if you want to learn the partterns that exist in bingo. The caller, who stands in front of everyone will call the numbers as he calls them randomly. In many places the gam is all computerized so there would only be a need for someone to verify that you have one. Every call will consist of a letter (B-I-N-G-O) and a corresponding number. When a number is called and you have it on your board you mark it with a dabber or whatever is being used in the hall to mark the boards. For example, if “B4” is called then you look under column “B'” and scroll down and if you find the number 4 you get to mark it.

You win when you have created the pattern that is needed to win, whether it be a straight line across the board or a line down under any letter. as soon as you have finished the fun part of yelling “BINGO” comes and you’re card is varified and you collect your prize.