Poker Rules

Poker is a very complex game that has many phases. Poker is, very much, a game of chance.
If you have a basic understanding of turnkey casino business you have a slight chance.

The game play itself is pretty simple to understand, and once you get the hang of poker you will have no problem.

The goal of this game is to have the hand with the highest rank.

There are a few types of poker other then the traditional 5 card poker, which are 7 card stud, 5 card stud and 3 card poker. In this section we will be talking about the traditional game of 5 card poker.


If you’re in a casino make sure you look for the minimum and maximum spending limit for the table.
You have to make sure that the table is in your spending range because you don’t want to lose all your money in one bet.

Poker starts you have to make *ante, then the dealer handing out 5 cards to each player. You then look at your hand and decide if it possible to get a winning rank with it. Keep in mind that Poker is a game of luck and probability and you have to see what cards you have and factor in the number of players as well as the chance that you will get that winning card/cards.

You then have the opportunity to bet, *raise, *fold, or *call depending on your situation and the rank of your current hand.
Then you can discard up to 4 cards (unless you have an ace in which case you can discard all 5), and the dealer gives you back the amount in exchange. Now what you have to do is get rid of the useless cards and replace them with card rank raising cards.

After the set number of betting rounds, depending on the casino, everyone reveals there cards and the highest rank wins.
So you see that the game of poker is not a difficult one. All it takes is some luck and a little strategy. If you are going to play Poker against a pro I recommend that you know what you are doing before you get in there and lose all your money.