Red Dog Rules

Red dog is not a commonly descused game. It is an easy enough game to understand. The game originated in the old west and was played back in the shoot em up days when people used to get shot for rigging a deck. For that reason many people use it as a game for themed parties and things similar to the old west. At the casinos its not the most popular games so you will not have to go through any crowed and its a lot of fun, its just unknown ofline.

The gameplay itself is simple enough to understand. It’s a fast paced game that involves only 3 cards. The game starts with an initial that is made before any cards are dealt. After the initial bet is placed 2 cards are dealt and the fun begins. The entire reason of the game is all based around the difference in the ranking of these 2 cards. This is where you have to bet on the cards you have. You choose to bet based on how far apart the 2 cards are ranked because following your bet, the third card is dealt. You win if the card is ranked between the 2 initially dealt cards. So after the 2 cards are dealt you can choose to raise; you can only double your initial bet when you raise, you can drop out or you can bet the same amount as the first bet again.

Red dog, or as some like to call it, between the sheets, is based on whether you can determine what that third card will be. What happens when the 2 cards you are dealt are the same? After you make your initial bet and the 2 cards you get are the same, you automatically get dealt another card and if it the same again you win 11:1. So getting a three of a kind is the ultimate game but of course it is the hardest to get and almost impossible when you actually think about it, since the top 3 cards of the bet have to be ranked the same. Another special hand is when you get to cards with consecutive ranks, like a 5 and a 6. In this case the hand is a push and all bets are returned.

So how much do you get paid when you win? The following chart should answer that question. Again all winnings depend on how far apart the ranking of the 2 cards are from eachother. All you have to do is get that third card to rank between them.