Slot machine Rules

The slot machine is one of the more commonly used gambling games in the casino.

With the shiny bells and whistles that they come with: the flashing lights on the machine make them hard to resist. Beginners to gambling will not know of the different kinds of slot machines. I often see confused people who place a quarter in a dollar limit machine and wonder why the machine isn’t taking there money.

You don’t want to walk into a casino, walk to any random machine and place your money in it. You have to know all about casino software.

The first type of machine I talk about is the progressive slot machine. This machine takes a small percentage of each bet made and puts it toward a jackpot. You still win when you put your coin in and get three of something, other then the jackpot, in a row. If you don’t play the maximum don’t use this machine because then you wont get the full jackpot.

Then we have the multiple payline machines. The way it works is that every time you put a coin in a different winning combination is chosen. With the first coin the big winner could be 7’s but with the second coin it could be lemon. This is good for a person that just wants to put in one coin per play.

The multiplier is a machine that lets you win a different amount for getting a certain symbol (lemon, bar, 7, ect…) 3 times in the column that you see visible. This is good for a person that just wants to put in one coin per play.

The bonus multiplier is the same as the multiplier except that it offers extra winnings for playing the maximum bet. This is recommended for people who will bet the maximum bet.

Now you know all the different kinds of machines you can use. Go and use the slot machines with the best characteristics to your liking and win some money.