Basketball Betting Rules

There are a few rules for betting in basketball.

First the time limit you have to bet in a woman’s basketball game is during the first 35 minutes for anyone to win any money.

In an NBA game you have 43 minutes of minimum game play, for anyone to win any money. If 43 minutes does not pass the game is considered a tie and everyone gets there money back.

First you make a bet with a bookie, or a person who takes bets. He set the odds of the game. The odds of a game depend on the stats of the team and the status of the players. (injuries etc…)

The score at the end of the game determines the outcome of who wins and who loses. If the team you bet on wins then so do you. The amount of money you win depends on the odds.

There are a few rules that have to do with some special cases in case a game doesn’t end like it normally should, if a game goes into over time, if a game ends by weather, etc…

In case of bad weather ending a game in the middle of it, the current score determines the winner of the bet.
In case of overtime the person who bet on the winner of the overtime game wins the bet.
If you bet on a forth quarter of the game does not count over time.

Betting has to made the day of the game not before.